Welcome To IRCoin
posted 08/16/2017 18:51:39 by oldmagic

Welcome To IRCoin

More news will come, for now let's have a good chat on the IRC channel (irc.zenet.org / #IRCoin) and play the game that is active on the channel :)

Start the mining my beloved IRC lovers <3 :)

If you still want to use a wallet/client, please compile you're own with the source code HERE

Or download the Windows Client HERE

IRCoin Betting @ https://betting.ircoin.info/

Exchange https://coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-IRC.htm


BTC: 1JMziPNabd25yzTqSbb1ySHDimurpsDQsF

LTC Mining: https://ltc.zenet.org/